Elderflower cordial

I love this time of year! Although my newfound allergies don’t much! But there are so many amazing plants and flowers in abundance that can be used to make food and drinks full of springtime flavours! My new find is the much-loved Elderflower.


2 large lemons

500g sugar

4 tablespoons honey

15 good heads of elderflower

At Jouas we serve cocktails and kirs regularly as well of course as delicious desserts. So elderflower cordial is so versatile and incredibly easy and ecological to make! I looked everywhere for the best recipe that didn’t include citric acid, as it isn’t easy to come by here. In fact many recipes didn’t use it, or had it as an option, but in the end I went for a Jamie recipe! A couple of tips, don’t pick and store the heads in the house if you have a daughter with severe pollen allergies (oops) or want your house smelling a bit odd, and also pop the heads outside in a large hole in the bottom, plant pot for half an hour or so as all the bugs seem to head to the bottom and hide! I cut the heads off with a little thick stalk as possible and cut them straight into a bowl to save as many of the tiny heads and pollen as possible. I also prepared this recipe outside on a gas ring. Method! Grate one lemon and juice and slice the other. Put the sugar and honey in a large pan with 1 litre of water and bring to the boil, stirring occasionally to make sure the sugar has dissolved. Turn off the heat and pop in the zest and juice then all the heads, flowers down first, then pop in the slices and mix gently. Pop on the lid and leave for at least 24 hours to infuse. I lined a large fine-holed sieve with a muslin and strained the mix (pop the leftover mix in the composter!) then again through another sieve into a jug. Decant into sterilized bottles and store! Follow-up recipes and cocktails coming soon!

#elderflowercordial #springrecipes

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