Get prepared

Well everyone it’s j-1 as they say in France before the big day!! Last chance to get organised for tomorrow!! 

Get your Christmas hats on, blast out merry tunes and get the whole family on board! 

My top tips:

Make things in advance too just be reheated in the microwave or stove such as bread sauce, cranberry, stuffing and stuffing balls, swede&turnip mash and butter mixed with lemon rind to coat your turkey

Peel your carrots, parsnips, and trim and pop a cross the base of your sprouts, Blanche them in boiling water for a couple of mins (4 for the sprouts) rinse or soak in freezing water and pop in a bag or lidded container in the fridge. Don’t forget Rudolfs carrot!

Get the hubster and kiddies to peel the tatties (floury ones) Cut them to size and either keep them completely emmersed in cold water on the stove or par boil them, rough them up, coat with your preferred cooking oil/fat and pour into the roasting tin, cover with foil and pop in fridge until needed tomorrow!

wrap your chipolatas and prunes in bacon cover and put in fridge.

Make sure your turkey is stuffed, get a load of flavoured butter under the skin, trussed and ready for the oven. check weight and timings for cooking so you can plan your day.

 Today we are also getting more of our mince pies and sausage rolls made, (as loads were eaten by friends last night) don’t forget to keep one aside for Santa decorating our cake and making a chocolate bomb cake for the kids rather than a log (this was 5 years ago!)

Make up some pancake batter and whisk up some eggs for bfast ready in the fridge.

Its worth getting the table part set too today, pop sauces out now too if in jars so you don’t foget them on the day! make sure the drinks are chilling and even make a small bar area somewhere where guests can help themselves.

The big day

After all the excitement of stockings, pressie etc. With a cup of tea and Christmas biscuits in hand, sit back and relax! 

We have brunch, bacon, scrambled eggs and Buck’s Fizz! Our girls are old enough to cook now so often they do it!

Family are coming round about 15.30 for more pressie opening, sausage and veggie rolls, nibbles etc.

The turkey will have been cooked and be resting, tatties will be in the oven.

The carrots and parsnips will be in a pan with butter and maple syrup ready to be finished off. 

Some brocoli and peas are in a large pan together. 

The sprouts in another pan with butter and grated orange, thyme, salt, pepper and peeled cooked chestnut ready to be finished off.

The breads sauce and neeps just need a blast in the microwave as are already in the serving dishes.

Just the turkey to carve (put on a platter with lots of foil in advance) and veggies to put on the table.


Have an absolutely wonderful day everyone! See you in the New year! 

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