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  • Can I book a 10 night stay?
    We offer 10 night stays in the lower season such as April, May, June, end of August and September, so long as the departure day is a Saturday if booked at the end of June.
  • Do you provide baby meal?
    We can whizz up the provided childrens meals if suitable or you can provide the ingredients and we'll cook them and whizz them/freeze them.
  • Is there added salt/sugar in kids meal?
    We offer healthy meals with at least one vegetable and a piece of fruit, the majority of meals are home cooked with no added salt or sugar. We do have requests for baked beans and fish fingers outside of our home cooked ones as some children prefer this. We do offer peas or another veg as a substitute. We also offer a mix of yoghurts some are organic and use only non refined sugar.
  • What facilities are available in the kitchen?
    A microwave, whizzer, shared freezer and fridge are available. We also provide crockery, cuttlery, cool boxes and packs, picnic blankets etc to prepare yourselves picnics etc. Cooking is not possible except for the microwave.
  • Is there a childs meal on arrival day?
    On Saturdays there is a sandwich platter, healthy side and a yoghurt available on your shelf in the fridge for you to help yourself and give your little ones when you are ready (as often kids just want to jump in the pool!). We provide a holiday pack with a menu for you to pre-order their favourite filings beforehand.
  • What is provided for babies and toddlers?
    We have high chairs, bibs, muslins, baby and toddler crockery, bowls etc. There is also a microwave steriliser available. There are also trainer toilet seats, potties, baby bath supports and changing mats in all the rooms. There are baby nests/playmats, bouncy chair, travel cot for the pool area or living room and toys of course! There is also a convenient changing table downstairs where you can leave your own nappies/wipes etc.
  • Are cots provided?
    Our cots are full cot size travel cots with proper mattresses, we also have mosquito covers if you require. We also provide sheets and mini duvets but not sleeping bags.
  • Do we need to bring toys?
    We have loads of toys and books downstairs and in the rooms!! Honestly don't worry about that! We also have a huge cupboard of DVDS! We recommend you label and toys, books and DVDs you bring. Definitely bring your little ones favourite teddy and something for the journey though!
  • Do you have a buggy?
    We have a simple buggy, a 3 wheeler, a backpack and a sling. These are on a first come basis.
  • What should we do on no-dinner days?
    Guests either prepare cold picnics to eat on site or take to one our fabulous reocommended picnic spots, eat out in one of the many wonderful bistros or restaurants or order a romantic evening picnic.
  • On lunch day (paella day thursday), what do you recommend for the evening?"
    Guests either eat out, order pizza in, or have a picnic (or order a romantic picnic) on site.
  • What happens on Sunday
    We provide kids dinners at 17h30 and adults eat at 20h30. There are loads of amazing markets that run on Sunday morning until midday, we recommend guests eating at one of these and take in the sites nearby or getting some picnic supplies in and having them in the grounds to make the most of the pool that day! There is also a local supermarket that is open until midday and during August the main supermarkets are open until midday.
  • Should we pre-book restaurants, beauty treatments and massages etc before we arrive?"
    Let us know if you have a special occasion planned but usually we book everything whilst you are here ideally by the Sunday morning. We do offer beauty treatments on site, that we do recommend booking prior to your stay so it can be fitted in at the start of your stay.
  • Is there air conditioning.
    We provide electric fans
  • Are there a lot of mosquitos
    It depends on the time of year, also some people seem more susceptible than others. We do recommend you bring plenty of repellent and plug ins, even though we don't tend to get them really badly.
  • Do you provide baby monitors?
    Yes, however feel free to bring your own, they reach easily down to the dining area.
  • Does it get very hot?
    We are quite far South and the sun is strong here, during Spring skin is more likely to burn as you wouldn't have acclimatised to the weather. To lighten the load we also have a great selection of paraben and allergen free creams for sensitive skins that we highly recommend.
  • When do we pay the balance?
    We take 50% of the balance either early January or when you book. The remaining balance, if by card/cash is paid at the end of your stay or earlier if you wish. Transfers much be completed one month before your arrival.
  • What are the arrival and departure times?
    16h arrival and 10h30 departure. There is no early check in or check out available. If your room is ready earlier we will text you in advance.
  • How do we find you?
    We provide a directions document before you arrive.
  • Do you cater for allergies and intolerances?
    We always ask at booking to advise us of any dietary/allergy issues. We can get hold of lactose and gluten free products her and do our best to cater. We also ask guests to decanter jams etc to prevent cross contamination.
  • What is there to do?
    There is so much to do here, we provde a comprehensive guide in each room.
  • Can we order a pre-shop?
    We can buy you nappies, wipes and sacks in advance and just charge the receipt price, you pay in cash at the end of your stay. Please note nappies are more expensive over here.
  • Adapters?
    We provide USB adapters in each room.
  • Shopping?
    THere is a local supermarket 5 mins away in Villeneuve and 3 bakeries. Villefranche has all the major shops and supermarkets and is just 10 mins away.
  • What linen is supplied?
    CHildrens cots have a sheet and a mini duvet. Kids have a sheet and duvet/sheet depending on the weather and a pillow. We provide all adult bedding, pool towels and bathroom linen.
  • Should we bring pool toys?
    There are some pool toys available but for safely we recommend you provde your own safety rings and waterwings. There are plenty of shops selling inflatables.
  • Is Aptamil or SMA available?
    No, there are equivalents, the formula for Aptamil isn't quite the same and prices are a lot higher than in the UK.
  • Do the childrens beds come with side protectors?
    In the Rocamadour, Lapopie and Remy there are built in side protectors. In the Belcastel we provide Dream tube (trademark) protectors.
  • What payment types can you take?
    Credit and debit cards, not mastercard, cash and transfer in Euros
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